Kia Ora
Cr Michael Law Whanganui District Council 2022.

You want a greater Whanganui, lets do it together.

Three Term Strategy

  • Fix Our Economy

    We have entered a troubling time, we need fast action, not 10 year planning.
    • Grow our Community

      Focus on growing local businesses that scale. Resulting in higher wages, not higher rates.
      • Invest In Our Tamariki

        There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.


        Originally from London, I moved to New Zealand as a teenager. I started my career in finance and after marrying my wife Lucy we moved back to her hometown Whanganui to raise a family. We have three wonderful children and for the last decade I have been consulting with leaders around transforming organisations to increase employee and customer value. I recently invested in myself and obtained an Executive MBA from Massey University.


          I love business. I do. I admit it. There is something about seeing the delight on small business owners faces when they achieve something great, when employees come to work every day with a smile and when customers are delighted with the companies they buy from. I work closely with Whanganui & Partners with the local start up community, including mentoring last years winner of Innovate.

            Hold Me Accountable

            In this governance role, I am merely one vote of 13. However, I promise the following:
            • Whanganui People

              Focusing on People is the key to success, not profit, not central or corporations outside of Whanganui. I stand FOR Whanganui.
            • Uphold Democracy

              As a councillor, I am in a servant leadership role. It is my job to find those impacted and relay the complexity so that YOU can make the decision.
            • True Transparency

              I will do the heavy lifting to give you the truth and will be 100% transparent with what I am involved with as part of my role as counselor.

            Where Am I?
            I am the chief vision officer of a Whanganui based business.

            We have offices in Whanganui and in Wellington. However, I can be found at my office 1/30 Drews Avenue. My calendar is open for Surge and for council.
            Companies i've worked with

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